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Please note the following specific to the bloodtest procedure that your vet must follow (I cannot stress enough though that you MUST have chipped the dog before the rabies vaccine or nothing else will be valid): - Blood Test (not less than 21-days after vaccination)

To be taken and sent to an EU-approved laboratory to get a satisfactory result. The vaccine manufacturer’s data sheet will give the best time for a blood sample to be taken after vaccination. The only EU-approved laboratory in Romania at this time is as follows: -

National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority, Institute for Diagnosis and Animal Health
Dr Staicovici Street N° 63, sect.5, RO- 76202 Bucarest. E:

The blood has to be centrifuged into serum so that it keeps. The name, the date the blood was taken and the microchip number of the dog must be on a sticky label on the vial of serum and filled in on an accompanying laboratory form, downloadable on the internet from the appropriate laboratory.

Alternatively, ensure your vet asks the laboratory for the correct submission form and advice on labeling and delivery of the sample. As mentioned above, the vet MUST make sure that the microchip number and the date the blood sample was taken are accurately and clearly recorded on the submission form.

Satisfactory blood test result: A satisfactory test result must show that the rabies neutralising antibody titre was equal to or greater than 0.5 IU/ml. The test result must show the animal’s microchip number. If it does not, ask the laboratory for one that does. Ensure your vet gives you a certified copy of the result and keeps the original at his/her practice.

Failed blood tests: If an animal fails the blood test, the test must be repeated and this may be done following revaccination depending on your vets advice. The 6 calendar month wait before entering the UK would start from the date that a subsequent blood sample that gave a satisfactory result was taken.

The 6 months clock starts ticking from the date that the blood sample which gave a satisfactory test result was taken.

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Again don't panic, I know this seems alot to take in and do, but there are groups who will be able to help you with this....

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